Welcome to fabulous health


Update: I am no longer practicing in Perth. I have relocated to Melbourne and am not currently in practice.


Breathe into the thought of fabulous health. Close your eyes for just one moment and visualise feeling vibrant, energised, clear and strong.


Fabulous health takes place when our body is strong from the inside out. Our organs function beautifully. Our immune system is strong. We wake feeling rejuvenated and clear. We manage and dissolve stress that comes our way. We sleep deeply. Our source of energy to do the things we love becomes boundless.


Fabulous health is a path taken by passionate individuals wanting something more from their experience. It is largely a choice placed firmly in our own two hands, and is nurtured by a Support Crew of Like Minded and Inspiring Health Advocates. In their hands, healing becomes an interesting and enjoyable experience.


I use Classical Chinese Medicine to facilitate deep, sustainable and fabulous change. Chinese Medicine encourages all aspects of the body to function smoothly and efficiently.


I devote my days to the practice of Chinese Medicine because I firmly believe that when we feel healthy, clear and strong we have the strength to move mountains.