My Style

Update: I am no longer practicing in Perth. I have relocated to Melbourne and am not currently in practice.



I’m here to offer new and unconventional perspective about how the body functions, how symptoms arise and how fabulous health can be restored.


I use the platform of Chinese Medicine to facilitate big and beautiful change.


I seek to offer

  • Real solutions to real problems
  • Long-term and sustainable change
  • Balanced, reputable information
  • Clear goals and treatment plans
  • An opportunity to redefine your understanding of health
  • Clarity around the vital role you can play in your own recovery
  • Open communication and collaboration with other medical professionals
  • The highest quality treatment available in the field of Chinese Medicine and fabulous health in this country.

My approach works best for lovely folks who

  • Feel inspired by the idea of sitting together with their health professional to develop a true understanding of symptom patterns, a working knowledge of the body and an understanding of how treatment can facilitate change.
  • Seek to play active role in their recovery. Those not so keen on handing their health over to someone else.
  • Challenge the idea that there is ‘nothing they can do’ to support their body to bring about an improved state of health.
  • Feel ready to shake things up and commit to a higher level of full health.

I believe

  • Doctors are for wellness too
  • Chinese Medicine works beautifully for a broad range of modern conditions
  • Slow and gentle change trumps a quick fix every time
  • We are largely in possession of all we need to feel well, and with gentle and targeted assistance our bodies can heal themselves
  • Working towards fabulous health can be engaging and fun; interesting and deeply rewarding

About Me : My name is Amy
I am a Doctor of Chinese Medicine. And I love it.


Feeling healthy and well is firmly at the top of my priority list. Complete, vibrant and whole health plays an integral part in allowing me to live my best life.


I am fascinated by the body’s ability to heal and repair when supplied with the right tools and the right environment.


My deepest passion is to continually seek out and learn from the brightest minds in the field. I developed a deep appreciation of the art and science of writing herbal prescriptions whilst living in Melbourne, and have since travelled to China and America to further my understandings.


These days my amazingly delightful practice, Fabulous Health, allows me to connect with lovely people, create change and share the amazing things I have learnt about the body, about health and about the beauty of Chinese Medicine.


Each day in my office I see that when people begin to feel truly healthy, they flourish, and become empowered to do what they need to do in this world. It is my pleasure and delight to see each person’s unique journey towards fabulous health.


My Training
I am a nationally registered Chinese Herbalist and Acupuncturist, and a member of the Australian Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Association (AACMA).


I spent five years with my head in textbooks at RMIT University in Melbourne, and proudly graduated with Distinction. I hold a Double Degree of Applied Science – a Degree in Chinese Medicine and a Degree in Human Biology.


The course offered a solid foundation not only within the field of Chinese Medicine, but also its integration with Western Medicine.


It suprises most to learn that my training to become a Chinese Medicine Doctor also involved five years training in anatomy, physiology and biochemistry. I even had the opportunity to study neuroscience!

The mix was brilliant and left me with a well rounded understanding of health. We attended lectures about mitochondrial DNA and Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, followed by lessons in Qi, Yin and Yang, and the ingredients of Chinese Formulas like Wen Jing Tang and Si Ni San. This set me up for some pretty diverse perspectives as you can imagine!


I didn’t know it then, but those five years of brain expanding fulless were really just the beginning.


I administered Acupuncture within the Emergency Department of The Northern Hospital in Melbourne for two years. The program was one of the first in Australia and provided a fabulous opportunity to learn even more about the power of integrating medical systems to find the best solutions.


My next step was a semester long Clinical Internship at the Jiangsu Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Nanjing, China. Chinese Medicine in the motherland. It was equal parts interesting, confronting, amazing and life changing. I often think back to my days living in China – of waking to the sound of locals in Tai Chi practice, of long humid days spent in crowded hospital treatment rooms scribbling notes on cases and formulas as fast as the treating doctor was prescribing. Eye opening. Doctors in China treat literally hundreds of patients every day.


Back home in Australia I joined the beautiful team at Fertile Ground Health Group in East Melbourne. My work focused around Chinese Medicine gynaecology, fertility and pregnancy care.


At the same time, I recognised that there was still so much still to learn.


So, naturally, I kept studying.


I began a three year postgraduate in Classical Chinese Herbal Medicine in 2011. The training centres around medical texts written two thousand years ago. My postgrad studies have proved to be the single most valuable tool in allowing me to provide long-term, extensive and real solutions for a broad range of conditions. And I graduated with a BIG smile in early 2014.


I have also relocated to Perth and established the clinic of my dreams – Fabulous Health.


Founding Fabulous Health has been the most amazing experience of my life.



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